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2 min readJun 24, 2022

What is ArtCoin?

ArtCoin is a cryptocurrency that is supposed to be tied to exchange-traded assets such as artworks, paintings, and sculptures.All assets are certified and inserted into the Blockchain Technology with Skillchain, which can demonstrate who is the issuer of a certificate and solidify it in the public distributed ledger without any failure points.

Artwork can be thought of as a safe-haven asset, equivalent to gold, capable of preserving and increasing its own value over time while also providing significant portfolio diversification when compared to standard financial instruments. ArtCoin is a next-generation stablecoin with guaranteed value by artworks that grow in value over time without the price fluctuations that traditional cryptocurrencies experience.

Why is ArtCoin?

The ArtCoin initiative, which combines technology innovation and artistic reality, already has a following. a limit on the value of works by famous artists from around the world, both avant-garde and emerging, for over 100 million pieces, exchanged upon market opening for the equivalent of one dollar for each ArtCoin. The terms development and revolution represent the new frontier in the realm of cryptocurrencies with the introduction of Artcoin, one of the first digital coins in the most important world exchanges, completely supported by its increased financial and artistic value

ArtCoin Benefits


An innovative approach to art, online and offline, offers the possibility of acquiring the opportunity to re-evaluate artworks over time in a few simple steps.


Web platform available in multiple languages, Virtual Gallery, Artificial Intelligence.


Online art sales in constant growth and the possibility of intercepting users outside the traditional market.

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Max Total Supply: 131,371,541 ARTCOIN
Block Explorer: Etherscan

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