XOGE is The future of tipping

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What is XOGE?

Xoge is a token on the XRPL that is exchanged by clients just as dispersed through symbolic deals. Xoge isn't just an image token but is presently moved by liquidity in XRP held in the fundamental record. The drawn-out plans for Xoge are conveying the validator node, acquiring extra liquidity, and having the option to involve it for exchange listings. Xoge has use cases for genuine products/administrations just as proficient tipping over Twitter and potentially more friendly stages later on. We are a developmental image token ready to be adaptable and adjust to the changing crypto space.

Xoge long-haul plans incorporate server development, application organization, associations, and any/any remaining choices that might actually build course and worth. Simple+Effective



Toning it down would be ideal! Less Energy! Less Time! No Fees! You can send many Xoge exchanges for the small part of the resource taken to send even one bitcoin or Ethereum exchange.


Clear and direct in no time. No secret charges or percentage of the transaction. Send a tip and 100 percent of it closes at the objective in practically no time. Send it to a companion or family to get a grin!

Meme Designs and Arts

Besides the hearty power Xoge brings to tipping we are likewise a moving meme and community power. Everything is set up and we are prepared for quiet clients who come in our direction!

Check out our Memes here!

Where can I store XOGE?

Security for Owners

Soft Wallet and Hardware Wallets

We currently use the Xumm App and it is downloadable through the app and play stores. It is possible to use Xoge from any wallet you have as long as you can set trust lines and see XRPL tokens in it.

XOGE Blockchain Plannings

Xoge is an advancing token and environment, we have transformed from a close to 99% free sent token to a symbol that has genuine liquidity and use cases. There is no sure perspective when crypto that requires to develop to remain serious is concerned. This being said doesn’t imply that we have blockchain plans as a primary concern anyway if sooner or later it turns into an answer for further development it could be done assuming spanning resources should likewise be possible with that.

Holders classifications

1 Xoge will always be 1 Xoge. Xoge is not secured in any way. Xoge is not used in the creation of other objects directly for sale. This object is neither a commodity nor security. This is fun crypto for tipping friends and spreading far and wide.


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